Metal works


We are simply blown away, amazed, impressed, exhilarated and rejuvenated by
the beauty of your talent, skill and ability to heal and comfort the human soul
without the use of therapy, counseling, pharmaceutical drugs or prescription medication!!
Michael & Kendall (Los Angeles)

the Princess was sitting on my doorstep when i arrived this evening....
i was so excited that i postponed dinner so that i could unpack and
hang her on the wall.....she made the trip in perfect condition.....
she is absolutely divine!!!!!!!.....she is illuminated by track lights.....
i can't stop staring at her!!!!!......thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
Lindsey Martinson(Washington State)

Hi, My name is Gabriella. My nickname is Gaby. (I'm using my moms e-mail. Haha.)I'm 12 years old and my birthday is March 16, 1999. I just wanted to say thank you. I remember one day, when i was 10 or 11 years old. I went to Palm Springs, and you were there selling you're beautiful pieces of art work. I really wanted one of the faires you had made. My parents said that i couldn't have it but maybe another time. And I really wanted it, So like any other girl, I cryed because it was so marvoules and beautiful. Then I went on my way looking at other pieces of artwork. My mom said she was going to go change her shoes because the shoes she were wearing were killing her. I wanted to go with her and she said "No". I was wondering why but then i just forgot about it. Then came my birthday. My parents woke me up and gave me a BIG paper bag. I opened it up and there it was, The beautiful art piece you had made. I started jumping up and down. Then I started crying tears of joy. Now it hangs on my wall. Everytime i look at it, I smaile. I hope to pass it to my child one day. Then my child to pass it to her child. And so on. My point is I just wanted to thank you and I really love it. It's one of the things I will Charish forever. I hope you right back. And NEVER stop making your artwork. The are beautiful and I'm sure everybody loves them.
I have been honored to see one of your pieces in person and am so impressed with the high quality of your metal work. "Wow" is a fitting descriptor for these artistic creations. They are awesome and are displayed so beautifully on your high quality web site. Hats off to an exceptional artist.
Jan Cox, (Clear Creek)

Absolutely WOW! Artist extraordinaire - I am speechless!Your webpage colors/design/wording is bold, dynamic and exciting. It's definitely going on my "favoites" list. I'm certain you will become a "favorite" of thousands soon. Thank you for keeping me on your "list".
Laima Danilovs (Westwood)

Love the work! The Mermaid looks awsome!!!! Wow! To me, these are great works of art!
I certainly get enthusiastic when I see them.
My aestheic senses got a great boost. It has inspired me to get more creative myself.
Paul Tallis (Los Angeles)

Beautiful pieces, oh you're so talented!!! My favorites are the horses and ocean waves. The Golf piece is lovely. The trees and birds are stunning and you did a fine job with the golfers, I am impressed.  Anyone would be proud to have that in their home (on the golf course!) 
If you think you can keep something like this a secret you are wrong.
Jan and Bill Davies (Lake Almanor)

What a beautiful website. WOW! I'm so excited! I can really relate to The Stallion! Rebelliousness with the gentleness in the eyes. Hey---that's me you're talking about!!
I'm looking around my house to see where I can put something. I want one of these---absolutely.
Love the foldout and how it moves and features details. Very professional!
Debbie Faye (La Crescenta)

You're rockin now! The site & artwork looks so good.You've got a great thing here!
I know your gonna blow some peoples minds with your art.
You are so talented! I gotta hurry up and buy some of your work before your prices shoot sky high.
These works are worth every penny!
Mark Hayes (Encino)

Amazing use of metal in creating art. How you did this kind of thing!!!???
And I absolutely bookmark the site and keep current.
Bob Wood (downtown Los Angeles artist loft area)

Just thought you'd like to know I took another look at your site here and am very impressed, it's marvelous!!!I Cynthia Hughes (Topanga)

Beautiful artwork!! you're a very special lady. My wife, Kathy and I really enjoyed looking at all the metalwork on your website. We are very impressed with your artwork. Unique and beautiful to say the least. We would love to meet you.
Kathy and Terry Ferguson (Westwood)

Reg and I could take a look at what you are doing. It is just incredibly beautiful!!!
You look like you are doing something that is from the soul.
I will be checking back with your site regularly to see what's new.
Keep up the brilliant work. It is just incredible!!
Julie and Reg Willich (Bellingham, Washington)

Your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It's so unique.
Desiree Navarro (ClearCleek)

I enjoy looking at your art pieces.Your work is incredible!!!
Hope to hear from you.
Lynnette Alexander (public visitor to website)

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